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Collaborative assistance for operational and learning processes in companies by means of mobile and interactive multimedia applications

Starting with predecessing research projects at the university of Passau a multimedia-based Knowledge Management System for creating, viewing and managing interactive instructional videos has been developed that can be embedded directly into intra- and inter-company business processes.

  • It enables each member of the targeted audience(s) of each individual video (members of staff, customers, etc.) to conduct technical or motoric tasks quickly and accurately.

  • By means of several collaboration functions each user can record and report issues on-the-spot to foster discussion, query existing instructions to already solved problems, or receive different approaches to possible solutions from other users.
  • The content can be extended or adapted with (new) content at run-time. 

  • Due to the richness of possible content, the medium hypervideo is highly applicable for various realistic use cases that involve transfer of knowledge (see application scenarios of our partner companies: 1st cycle2nd cycle).

Demo of the 3rd validation cycle: Hypertube

Project partner-
MediaReuse of existing YouTube videos

Demo of the 2nd validation cycle: Instructions for the Sensor ILD 1420/1320

We can not display a demo version due to the strategic importance of the information contained in this hypervideo for our project partner.
Project partnerMicro-Epsilon GmbH
MediaIn-house production
  • Branching video nodes
  • Search function
  • Expandable TOC
  • Seperately expandable annotation areas
  • Picture annotations
  • RichText annotations
  • PDF annotations
  • comment function/ user annotations

Demo of the 1st validation cycle: The digital pelvic floor trainer

Project partnerclinic Prof. Schedel
MediaIn-house production
  • Branching video nodes
  • Search function
  • User statistics
  • Expandable TOC
  • Seperately expandable annotation areas
  • Picture annotations
  • RichText annotations

Key objective to the validation project at hand is to offer a cost efficient, multimedia-based knowledge transfer system for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) that can be adapted to the unique needs of these companies, ensuring compliance to data protection requirements and employees' co-determination (German "Betriebsverfassungsrecht").

The possibilitiy of economical exploitation will be reviewed in three application scenarios:

  • supporting the company knowlege management (business-to-employee and business-to-business)

  • for consumer-oriented knowledge management (business-to-consumer)

  • as a crowdsourcing platform for knowledge transfer throughout the world wide web (consumer-to-consumer)

If successful, new services and software products will be created which can sustainably increase the knowledge management efficieny in SMEs and are flexible enough to adapt to the requirements of diffferent ranges of use. All in all, companies using the system can improve both their work flows and competitiveness.

Once the project is finalised, the technology will be commercialized either by software licensing or by establishing a spin-off.

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Basic Information

project leaderProf. Dr. Michael Granitzer
involved chairs and facultie
  • Chair of Media Informatics (Department of Informatics and Mathematics)
  • Chair of Public Law, IT Law, and Legal Informatics (Faculty of Law)
  • Chair of Computer-mediated Communication (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)
  • Chair of Distributed Information Systems (Department of Informatics and Mathematics)
  • Chair of Information Systems II (Faculty of Business and Economics)
DurationSeptember 1 2013 - August 31 2016
sponsorFederal Ministry of Eduction an Research
funding programmeValidating thInnovationPotential of Scientific Research  (VIP)
funding code03V0633